No matter their role, those in the automotive industry face an array of challenges, any one of which could disrupt their operations, entangle them in costly litigation, or bring their business to a screeching halt. These challenges will only continue to grow in complexity if not frequency as new technologies such as autonomous vehicles transform the marketplace and the legal and regulatory framework that governs the industry.

At every point in the supply chain, at every stage in a vehicle’s lifecycle, risks abound that companies need to anticipate and address quickly and strategically. Whether those risks come from injured or aggrieved consumers or aggressive government regulators, the automotive attorneys at Traub Lieberman have the talent, industry-specific knowledge, and expert resources needed to effectively protect and advance our clients’ interests.

With a nationwide practice that spans the full breadth of the industry, we provide robust defense representation for all industry players, including:

  • Automakers
  • Parts and components manufacturers and distributors
  • Dealerships and dealership networks

We have assembled a team of seasoned litigators with extensive backgrounds defending automotive clients and their insurers against product liability claims involving automotive products, systems, and components, including catastrophic injury, wrongful death, property damage, and class actions involving:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Suspension systems
  • Airbags
  • Seat belts
  • Fuel systems
  • Vehicle control and stability systems
  • Roof structures
  • Window glass
  • Transmissions
  • Seats
  • Electrical switches and systems
  • Crashworthiness

Our comprehensive suite of defense services for the industry also includes the representation of clients facing claims involving consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices, toxic torts, product recalls, employment matters, leasing agreements, warranties, and safety compliance and regulation.

Every client we have the privilege to represent reaps the benefits of attorneys who understand the complicated mechanical, scientific, or business issues that form the basis of so many automotive claims and know how to frame and present such matters to judges and juries in a persuasive, engaging, and understandable manner. With sound counsel and clear, consistent communication and reporting, Traub Lieberman’s automotive lawyers work closely with each client to develop the strategy that best serves their needs and maximizes the likelihood of a positive outcome.