Toxic Torts

In our modern world, we are exposed to thousands of man-made substances from plastics to polyester. Most are safe, but when allegations of damage arising from a toxic substance are made, corporations and their insurers need fast, competent legal counsel to guide them through the legal nightmare that ensues.

Traub Lieberman attorneys have been on the forefront of toxic tort litigation for years, handling some of the most difficult cases in this increasingly complex area of law.

Many of these include exposure to pesticides, lead, asbestos, silica, and countless other substances. Traub Lieberman represents clients in complex cases involving claims of health issues from exposure to mercury, electro-magnetic fields, and household cleaning solvents. Toxic tort cases often require professionals from a wide range of fields, including healthcare professionals, biologists, engineers and chemists. Traub Lieberman provides the comprehensive representation needed in today's complex world.