Claims Management

With the exponential increase in litigation, insurance companies strive to maintain consistent and cost-effective legal representation across the country. Increasingly, insurers are turning to specialized firms that work with regional, independent lawyers to make certain that the insurer's legal needs are met consistently, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Traub Lieberman serves the industry by acting as National Coordinating Counsel (NCC) for a number of large insurers. Traub Lieberman works with carriers to establish and administer centralized handling of claims. Traub Lieberman synchronizes its own experience with that of other law firms across the country to provide litigation support in multiple jurisdictions. Traub Lieberman provides tailor-made claims handling services and coordination to fit our clients' unique needs.

Insurers are finding added benefits by using Traub Lieberman as their coordinating counsel. Costs and legal fees are contained, thanks to increased economies of scale and decreased use of local firms. Our firm's reporting practices allow case managers to know case status at a moment's notice. Plus, our experience as NCC and existing relationships with other superior law firms means faster implementation and consistent representation at a lower cost.