Medical Malpractice

Traub Lieberman attorneys defend physicians, nurses and a wide variety of other health care (and quasi-health care) providers and professionals in actions sounding in medical malpractice and general negligence. Our attorneys possess the particular skills required for this specialized area of practice, including, extensive experience in every facet of litigation, from depositions to motion practice to, of course, trials, including the expert medical testimony that is so often the key to success in such cases. Our attorneys also possess the relevant background and experience in the applicable medical and scientific areas, allowing them to apply such knowledge to the facts of each particular case, whether arising from allegations of a failure to diagnose, a surgical error or any other of a wide variety of potential causes of action. This combination of skills allows us to aggressively defend our clients and position each case to achieve the best possible resolution, including a defense verdict following a trial or a reasonable resolution of the action, depending on the unique circumstances of the case. Additionally, our coverage group is experienced in addressing the various coverage issues that can arise in connection with handling these claims.