Technology Products & Services

For technology companies, including SaaS providers, cryptocurrency issuers and warehousers, and B2B software developers, vendors and consultants, the promised capabilities, functionality, and value of their services and products can widely diverge from their customers’ expectations. Whether or not those expectations were reasonable or based on actual representations and warranties about a system’s or product’s qualities, the possibility of expensive, sometimes bet-the-company, litigation always looms. At a minimum, a technology company’s bottom line and reputation are constantly in play.

We have over 50 years of combined experience representing technology professionals, software developers, platform developers and owners, and almost every other type of entity and person involved in the tech sector. The technology and cyber industry attorneys at Traub Lieberman possess both a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and an extensive understanding of the always evolving legal and business landscape in which tech companies operate, innovate, and compete.

Our engagements have spanned the spectrum of software and technology disputes. We have defended technology vendors, service providers, and consultants against claims filed by customers in a wide range of industries and vertical markets. We handle cases involving sprawling ERP and CRM systems as well as those related to more specialized and tailored technology programs. Our attorneys also work with blockchain and cryptocurrency companies facing investigations, litigation, and other legal threats related to Initial Coin Offerings and token sales.

Traub Lieberman’s lawyers have the experience and insights to craft and implement strategies that can resolve these matters cost-effectively and expeditiously. We know how and where to develop the evidence that maximizes our clients’ strengths and proficiencies to enhance their leverage at strategically critical junctures during the course of private negotiations. If early settlement is not feasible or advisable, our litigators stand ready to advance and defend our clients at every level in regulatory fora and state and federal courts, as well as through alternative dispute resolution. We also leverage the capabilities of our nationally recognized insurance industry practice to represent insurers and their policyholders in third-party and subrogation litigation to recover damages caused by third parties.

No matter the challenge, no matter the complexity, and no matter the threat faced by our clients, Traub Lieberman’s technology industry attorneys have the experience, resources, and knowledge to effectively and efficiently protect their interests and financial stability.