TLSS and Aspen RE Team to Publish White Paper on the Opioid Epidemic’s Effects on the Insurance Industry

It has been widely reported that there are two primary issues which fueled the opioid epidemic. The first is the proliferation of legal use in fighting pain. The second is a direct result of the War on Drugs that has been waged since the 1960’s. There are no clear demarcation points for each of these issues, as they tend to interrelate in a death spiral which is ultimately more difficult to answer than the age old question “Which came first: The chicken or the egg?”

In an effort not to politicize the issues or moralize one way or the other, TLSS and Aspen RE have published a new white paper to track the known and reported data on the Opioid Epidemic and the impact on the Insurance industry from a liability perspective. To review the white paper, please visit: