Traub Lieberman Associates Jeffrey George and Stephanie Palmer Granted Motion for Nonsuit

On June 29, 2021, Traub Lieberman Associates Jeffrey George and Stephanie Palmer were granted a motion for nonsuit, dismissing the Plaintiff’s claims against their client in a case brought before the Litchfield Superior Court. In the case involving a motor vehicle accident which occurred in March 2017, the Plaintiff alleged that she sustained serious and permanent personal injuries, resulting in medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of use of her vehicle. As discovery progressed, it became clear that the Plaintiff had extensive pre-existing conditions. The defendants served numerous discovery demands and filed multiple motions to obtain those records. The Plaintiff repeatedly failed to provide adequate discovery responses in compliance with court orders. The matter was scheduled for trial on June 29th and in advance of trial Attorneys George and Palmer filed numerous motions in limine, including motions to preclude Plaintiff from offering expert evidence, to preclude Plaintiff from offering records not disclosed during discovery, and for non-suit for her repeated failures to comply with court orders. As jury selection was scheduled to begin, Defendants’ motion for non-suit was granted and Plaintiff’s claim dismissed.

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