Traub Lieberman Partner Colleen E. Hastie Obtains Dismissal of Claimant’s Negligence and Wrongful Death Claim against Skilled Nursing Facility

Pursuant to an Admission Agreement, Claimant, decedent’s estate, filed for arbitration alleging the Respondent Skilled Nursing Facility (“SNF”) was negligent and committed malpractice in the care and treatment of decedent, thereby causing her death. Claimant alleges Respondent failed to create and implement an adequate plan of care and failed to diagnose and adequately treat decedent’s decubitus sacral pressure ulcer which resulted in her death from sepsis. American Arbitration Association arbitrator, in dismissing Claimant’s claim, held that the testimonial and documentary evidence presented at the hearing does not support a violation of the standard of care and proved, that upon each admission to the SNF, Respondent carefully assessed decedent’s condition and developed and adequately implemented a treatment plan.

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