Traub Lieberman Partner Brandt Allen Co-Authors Article, “NFTs - Here to Stay,” in the July Issue of CLM Magazine

If cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were not already difficult enough to understand, an emerging feature of blockchain is the creation of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Blockchain is a database that stores digital information in groups known as blocks. When the storage capacity for a block is reached, the block closes and is linked to prior blocks of information, which form what we call the blockchain. Much like human history, as a block closes and becomes "chained" to blocks that came before it, the blockchain provides a distributable, unalterable evolutionary history of the data which it is comprised. While most laypeople are perplexed by the form and function of a blockchain and the systems that utilize it, this technology is now mainstream and the insurance industry must evolve to address risks associated with the emerging asset classes utilizing the blockchain, including NFTs. 


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