The financial industry is the engine of our economy, fueled by the work, insights, and guidance of financial professionals committed to serving their clients’ interests with the care and commitment required by their fiduciary role. When agents, brokers, accountants, and other financial professionals face accusations – dubious or otherwise – of malfeasance or professional negligence, their careers, livelihoods, and reputations hang in the balance. For their insurers, significant exposure arising from such claims can loom large.

Uniquely Suited to Serve Financial Professionals and The Companies That Insure Them

At Traub Lieberman, we offer a combination of experience and skills well-suited to the needs of the financial services industry and the companies that insure them. We provide seasoned counsel that can effectively and efficiently parry the challenges that come with claims by aggrieved clients, whether they be informal demands, complaints filed with industry regulators, or lawsuits in state or federal court. With multidisciplinary capabilities, we can help clients develop and implement proactive, tailored strategies that prevent or minimize the likelihood of such claims as well as insulate them from other threats.

We understand the anxiety and uncertainty that financial industry professionals experience when facing dubious allegations of wrongdoing, breach of fiduciary duty, or professional negligence, and work closely with them on all aspects of their defense. Drawing on the firm’s extensive insurance industry practice as well as the skill and savvy of our litigators, Traub Lieberman develops comprehensive and robust professional liability defense strategies for:

  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Securities broker-dealers
  • Financial services consultants and analysts
  • Accountants
  • Real estate brokers and agents

Because we know that financial professionals much prefer to spend their time serving the needs of their clients and not meeting with lawyers, we strive to resolve cases as expeditiously as possible. Our thoughtfully conceived litigation strategies, proactive representation, and persistence help us achieve the best possible result no matter the nature or complexity of the claim.

Traub Lieberman leverages its decades of insurance industry experience to serve liability carriers that insure agents, brokers, accountants, and other financial professionals. We serve as coverage counsel for such insurers, determining the extent of insurance that may be provided under often complex professional liability policies and defending their interests in disputes which arise under such policies. Additionally, we have vast experience monitoring claims against financial professionals for insurers as well as for self-insured programs.

The Foresight to Address Emerging Risks

The firm’s financial services practice also includes advising our clients about proactive strategies designed to minimize risks. Our attorneys routinely consult with insurance agents and brokers, securities brokers, and financial services consultants and analysts on how to implement improved supervisory and management systems and practices that will help our clients avoid claims and disputes in the first place, as well as prepare them for potential or anticipated claims.

As it does in all sectors of the economy, rapidly evolving technology is changing the financial industry, including the way financial professionals do their work and deliver their services. While these innovations can improve efficiency and performance, they also bring new and potentially devastating risks. Financial professionals who fall victim to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and data breaches risk exposing themselves to significant financial and reputational losses. Traub Lieberman has positioned itself as a leader in preventing, addressing, and remediating cyber-risks and defending against claims arising from attacks and the theft of client data.

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