For manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, comprehensive approaches that proactively address and mitigate risks, maximize efficiencies, and ensure compliance with multi-tiered regulatory regimes are indispensable for sustained success. When complications or claims arise that threaten crucial relationships, profitability, or ongoing operations, manufacturers need attorneys who can take swift and strategic action.

Traub Lieberman has provided just such representation for decades, serving companies of all sizes in a diverse range of industries. Our clients include family-owned and closely held business as well as multi-national Fortune 500 manufacturers of goods ranging from consumer products to machinery and automobiles; construction materials to pharmaceuticals and food processors.

Deep Litigation Experience. Extensive Industry Knowledge. Powerful Expert Resources.

Our attorneys understand the unique risks and potential disruptions that manufacturers face from protracted litigation, no matter how and why it arises. We advance and protect our manufacturing clients’ interests in all manner of disputes, including commercial litigation, products liability, premises liability, and construction defect claims.

Our capabilities and experience extend to claims and disputes related to product distribution, supply chains, and day-to-day operations, as Traub Lieberman’s attorneys are well-versed in transportation and trucking defense issues, as well as labor and employment matters.

Traub Lieberman serves as national, regional, and statewide counsel for manufacturers and distributors, providing the knowledge, experience, and resources needed for each case efficiently and effectively. We complement our litigation acumen with a robust network of highly credentialed and respected experts from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, industrial hygiene, chemistry and material science, fire, safety equipment, failure analysis, toxicology, construction, industry standards, biomechanics, product design, human factors, life care planning, economics, product warnings, and accident reconstruction.

Proactive Risk Management and Clear Counsel for Manufacturers

At Traub Lieberman, the pride we take in our courtroom capabilities is matched by our focused efforts to keep disputes and claims from ever reaching the courthouse steps. Our extensive litigation experience informs our approach to risk management, as we work with clients to proactively ward off potential suits by reviewing warnings, labels, and manuals, offering risk management counsel, and drafting terms and conditions of sale and limited warranties.

Our lawyers take the time to learn about each client’s operations, objectives, and obstacles in order to implement effective and tailored legal solutions. Our goal is to balance the needs of our clients in pursuing their claims with a full understanding of the stress and real-world financial and other obligations they face every day. Regardless of the size, industry, or challenge, our attorneys are committed to delivering clear counsel and developing close working relationships with our manufacturing clients, ensuring that they always know that Traub Lieberman is there to protect their interests.

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