Product liability is a constantly evolving field of law, requiring attorneys who keep abreast of legislative and case law updates. Traub Lieberman attorneys do just that, and have been serving a wide variety of industries for many years. Our clients include Fortune 500 manufacturers of products, from sporting goods to helmets, machinery and automobiles to pharmaceuticals.

Product liability cases often require a legal team experienced in multiple disciplines. Traub Lieberman attorneys are diverse in their backgrounds and areas of expertise. Product liability cases, which are often complex, require attorneys who excel in multiple disciplines to understand the product and formulate legal strategy to best defend the client. When warranted, Traub Lieberman assembles a team of its attorneys from multiple disciplines to best handle the matter.

Over the years, Traub Lieberman has built its reputation on serving clients both inside and outside the courtroom. While our services are geared to serve our clients efficiently when a products liability claim is made, Traub Lieberman attorneys also work with clients to proactively ward off potential suits. In addition to traditional product liability defense, we assist in reviewing warnings, labels and manuals. We are equipped to provide risk management assistance, including product liability prevention counseling.

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