Any construction or development project of significance simply cannot and will not move forward from blueprint to completion without the expertise and guidance of talented architects, engineers, and other design professionals. While their skills and insights are indispensable for a project to come to fruition, design professionals can face close scrutiny and substantial exposure when problems arise.

At Traub Lieberman, we understand the unique and complex issues that often confront architects and engineers. We also appreciate the damage that can be done to reputations and livelihoods as well as the potential losses faced by insurers and sureties from claims relating to design work. With a team of experienced attorneys and an arsenal of expert resources at our disposal, we provide design professionals and those who insure them with the sound counsel necessary to protect their interests and the seasoned defense representation needed to counter allegations of professional negligence or malfeasance.

On private and public projects of every type and size, Traub Lieberman’s architecture and engineering attorneys work as a team to craft strategies designed to optimally position our clients before disputes develop and after those disputes become existential threats. We aggressively yet strategically defend design firms and professionals from any of the myriad potential claims inherent in the nature of their work, including claims related to:

  • Adjacent construction property damage
  • Breach of contract
  • Construction defects
  • Construction delays
  • Cost overruns
  • Employment issues
  • Subrogation defense
  • Deceptive trade practices claims
  • Insurance coverage matters
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Personal injury claims
  • Professional negligence

For decades, professional liability carriers who cover design professionals have placed their trust and confidence in Traub Lieberman’s capabilities when needing coverage counsel or the defense of their insureds in errors and omissions claims. Our frequent and transparent reporting, clear and concise opinions, and cost-effective approach to managing claims make us counsel of choice for insurers involved in high-stakes design matters.

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