For companies in the trucking and transportation industries, every mile one of their vehicles is on the road is a moment that can turn into a lengthy, costly, and disruptive ordeal. Beyond catastrophic accidents, trucking companies and their insurers face a long list of risks from their operations, any one of which could expose them to significant liability. Keeping such risks at a minimum requires vigilance and foresight. Containing the damage after incidents occur and claims arise requires swift, decisive action and strategic, determined advocacy.

Traub Lieberman serves the needs and protects the interests of trucking and transportation companies by providing experienced representation for all matters which could lead to loss and liability. Combining courtroom acumen with a thorough understanding of the complex regulatory framework that governs the industry, our attorneys develop and implement the optimal approach for each incident or claim. Our in-depth industry knowledge is supported by an expansive network of leading subject matter experts who can deliver game-changing insights, evidence, and testimony.

Our litigators understand how critical it is to respond to incidents involving potential liability quickly and thoroughly. We take pride in our agility and accessibility to clients at any hour of the day or night. When alerted to accidents, material spills, or other events, we are ready to deploy resources and launch early investigations and evaluations which can best position our clients as a matter moves forward.

With a multidisciplinary approach that leverages the power of our extensive insurance industry practice, we provide robust and efficient defense representation in matters involving:

  • Catastrophic personal injury claims
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Commercial litigation
  • Moving and storage issues
  • Cargo damage
  • Environmental damage
  • Freight and property claims
  • Regulatory compliance matters
  • Labor and employment issues

Our clients include a wide range of industry participants, including:

  • Commercial Motor Carriers
  • Captive Members
  • Common Carriers
  • Contract Carriers
  • Private Carriers
  • Material Haulers
  • Hazardous Materials Transporters
  • Truck Leasing Companies
  • Local Delivery Carriers
  • Public Transportation Providers
  • Freight Transportation and Logistics Companies
  • Insurers

In every trucking and transportation case we handle, we work seamlessly with the transportation company, experts, investigators, insurers, claims administrators and others to ensure transparent and responsive communication and a unified, coordinated approach. These complicated cases require a true team effort, and Traub Lieberman’s attorneys confidently take the lead in protecting our clients’ interests.

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